2009 TBR and Read Books

This is a list of the books I have on hand to read for 2009 and my progress in doing so. This is a small portion of the actual books in my TBR bookcase (no, that is not a typo), but it’s the ones currently on the short list :).

Title Author From Date added Date Read Read Blogged
Manhunt in the Wild West Jessica Anderson gift 01/12/2009 01/14/2009 x  
Texas-Sized Secrets Elle James gift 01/15/2009 01/15/2009 x  
Silent Guardian Mallory Kane gift 01/15/2009 01/15/2009 x  
Queen’s Bastard C.E. Murphy bookstore 04/30/2008 01/20/2009 x x
Around-the-Clock Protector Jan Hambright gift 01/12/2009 01/20/2009 x  
The Domino Men Jonathan Barnes Eos Books Early Reader 01/06/2009 02/03/2009 x x
Who’s Who in Non-Classical Mythology Egerton Sykes and Allen Kendall Xmas present 12/24/2007 * x  
Gotham Writers’ Workshop: Writing Fiction Alexander Steele gift 04/04/2008 * x  
Dream Man Linda Howard Steph Tyler (stephanietyler.com) in exchange for the progress bar 05/15/2005      
Field of Dishonor David Weber gift 04/25/2007      
Son of Thunder Murray J.D. Leeder borrowed 05/05/2007      
Cold Granite Stuart MacBride blog contest on http://www.mercuryranch.org by Jean Schara 07/05/2007      
The Skewed Throne Joshua Palmatier bookstore 08/04/2007      
Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden Bookcrossing 11/11/2007      
Blood Secrets Vivi Anna Bookcrossing 11/11/2007      
Sirius: The Dog Star Martin H. Greenberg and Alexander Potter Xmas present 12/24/2007      
WorldWired Elizabeth Bear bookstore 02/02/2008      
Judge Karen Traviss bookstore 04/30/2008      
Breaking Point Suzanne Brockmann bookstore 04/30/2008      
Tinker Wen Spencer bookstore 05/12/2008      
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2 Responses to 2009 TBR and Read Books

  1. Jean says:

    Anxious to hear what you think of Cold Granite.

  2. Margaret says:

    I think Colin loved it. Me, I gave it to him first and… Sigh. I wish I could read faster. Mebbe I’ll give it a shot after I finished the latest (and last :() Darkyn.

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