2007 Confluence Writing Contest Win!

I know I just posted and some of you are now going into shock at the surprise of another one so close, but I need to share something wonderful.

My short story, Unique Worlds, won first place in The Twelfth Annual PARSEC Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Contest! To make this happen, all I had to do was introduce dragon fewmets into the modern world. Hmm, does that make this my first urban fantasy?

Anyway, as part of the prize, my story will appear in the Confluence 2007 program book for everyone to read. I’m also going to the conference as I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. I may even become part of the program, a scary and exciting thought.

So, if you happen to be coming to the conference, it would be fun to put faces to…umm…usernames (;)).

The conference info is here:


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21 Responses to 2007 Confluence Writing Contest Win!

  1. dawtheminstrel says:

    Holy moly, Margaret! That’s wonderful! Congratulations. Oh the conference will be fun, and the guest list looks interesting. This is such good news.

  2. shadawyn says:

    Congrats, Mar! 😀

  3. david_bridger says:

    Oh wow! WOW! 🙂

    I’m beaming all over my face for you! Well done. This success is richly deserved. You’re a star!

  4. mayakda says:

    Congrats!!! That’s awesome!
    Hope you have tons of fun there!

  5. marfisk says:

    Wow, you are quick :).

    Thanks. It was a quirky little story, but there are parts of it I absolutely adore…apparently I wasn’t the only one :D.

  6. marfisk says:

    Hey Ann! Any chance of popping by Pennsylvania? You’d see Wen too ;).

    Thanks :).

  7. shadawyn says:

    Heh. This year’s vacation allotment has been eaten with family obligations. Not going to Writer’s Weekend either this year.

    I’m excited to hear that you’re finally going to something away from home, though 😀

  8. vg_ford says:

    Woo-hoo!! Go Mar! Congrats!!!!

  9. underpope says:

    Whoo hoo! Congratulations! That’s fantastic news.

    I’m afraid I won’t make it out to the conference, but I checked out the site, and there are some impressive names there. Have a blast!

  10. marfisk says:

    Thanks :). I guess I have to move on now though. I’m ineligible to run in the contest again :). For the best of reasons.

    Guess you were right. At least so far, this is becoming my year for sure.

  11. marfisk says:

    Thanks :).

    It should be amazing.

  12. marfisk says:

    Thanks Val :).

  13. marfisk says:

    Thanks :D. And that’s too bad. It’s across the country for me, but it would be foolish not to go, eh?

  14. hoshikaze says:

    Congrats, that’s wonderful.

  15. l_clausewitz says:

    Well, sounds like a good reason to send some congratulations your way…

  16. loriba says:

    Wow! Congratulations!

  17. safewrite says:

    Congrats. See you there at Confluence!

  18. marfisk says:

    Thanks for the congrats. Sorry for the delayed response. I was off climbing mountains in Yellowstone National Park.

    And that’s great Wendy. It’ll be interesting to meet for real :).


  19. maripat says:

    Huge congrats, Mar! That is fantastic news. Have fun at the conference.

  20. marfisk says:

    Thanks Maripat :). I’m planning to.

  21. marfisk says:

    Thanks :). I plan to do my level best ;).

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