Shut the F*** Up and Create Your F***ing Art by Garrett Robinson

Note: The true title is not masked as you can see on the cover. It’s the beginning of a new year, a time to make promises not to others, but to yourself. This book, with its irreverent, in your face, … Continue reading

Everything for Her by Alexa Riley

This is the weirdest review I’ve probably written since I started. I only review books I enjoy, and I so didn’t want to enjoy this one. The way it begins sets off all sorts of red flags. The main male … Continue reading

Storm Dreams by Jeb R. Sherrill

Storm Dreams is a completely surreal book. I thought I’d grown past my surreal phase because now I seek out stories, and story structure doesn’t mesh well with surreal. Nor does it in this novel where things change at the … Continue reading

The White Feather by Heidi Wessman Kneale

This is an odd story, and I can tell you it didn’t go where I expected most of the time, but I enjoyed the read. I’ve read other Wessman Kneale stories set in her magic-infused Regency era, but this one … Continue reading

Poseidon and Cleito by Andrew J. Peters

The author begins Poseidon and Cleito with a preface about what inspired him to write the story. This both had the feel of the narrator in ancient Greek plays and set up expectations the story didn’t quite meet. I mention … Continue reading

Victoria: The Queen by Julia Baird

From the forward, I half expected this biography of Queen Victoria to be as heavily biased toward a feminist portrayal as Victoria’s youngest daughter’s “cleansing” of Victoria’s diaries had attempted to portray Queen Victoria as a traditional female. Instead, this … Continue reading

A Night at the Animal Shelter by Mark J. Asher

I missed last week’s review post in part because the book I had queued up was too strongly an echo of what I’ve been seeing on social media after the US election. That and my focus on NaNo left little … Continue reading

Shalador’s Lady by Anne Bishop

I was on a panel with Anne Bishop at Con-Volution 2016, and hearing her part of the discussion intrigued me to check out some of her writing. Her name was already familiar, though I don’t believe I’ve read anything by … Continue reading

Athena’s Ordeal by Sue London

I chose this book out of my digital to-be-read pile on a whim, looking for something light and quick. Well, it was neither, but Athena’s Ordeal was exactly what I needed. Some intrigue, lovely character clashes, and a mix of … Continue reading

Wonder Women by Sam Maggs

Wonder Women is very informative not just about historical figures, but also about those currently making their mark. The women profiled within its pages come from many countries and many economic strata while their contributions vary from scientific to literary … Continue reading