Echelon by Z. A. Waterstone

Mix ignorance with assumption and a little mad scientist, and you come close to the cultural conflicts that form the foundation of this novel. The story begins with a group of fugitive human survivors after an alien race, which visited … Continue reading

Mistletoe in Montana by Belle Calhoune

For those of you missing the holidays already, here is a lovely Christmas novella with a surprising amount of character development. There wasn’t space to really delve into their transformations, but the author did a wonderful job of showing what … Continue reading

Seeing Red (Ambassador 1) by Patty Jansen

Seeing Red is one of my story sweet spots, in part because I grew up in the diplomatic community like Cory Wilson did, except that my exposure was to many Earth-based cultures as opposed to those from other planets. Not … Continue reading

The Secret of the Sphinx by Samuel Bavli

The Secret of the Sphinx has a lot to draw in the reader with well-written descriptions and largely good interactions as long as you ignore the occasional modern word or phrase when in ancient Egypt. I enjoyed quite a bit … Continue reading

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

The Bear and the Nightingale is a powerful, evocative tale written in the style of old Russian fairy tales with an active narrator, and an oddly close and personal omniscient point of view. The voice carries with it a storyteller’s … Continue reading

Shut the F*** Up and Create Your F***ing Art by Garrett Robinson

Note: The true title is not masked as you can see on the cover. It’s the beginning of a new year, a time to make promises not to others, but to yourself. This book, with its irreverent, in your face, … Continue reading

Everything for Her by Alexa Riley

This is the weirdest review I’ve probably written since I started. I only review books I enjoy, and I so didn’t want to enjoy this one. The way it begins sets off all sorts of red flags. The main male … Continue reading

Storm Dreams by Jeb R. Sherrill

Storm Dreams is a completely surreal book. I thought I’d grown past my surreal phase because now I seek out stories, and story structure doesn’t mesh well with surreal. Nor does it in this novel where things change at the … Continue reading

The White Feather by Heidi Wessman Kneale

This is an odd story, and I can tell you it didn’t go where I expected most of the time, but I enjoyed the read. I’ve read other Wessman Kneale stories set in her magic-infused Regency era, but this one … Continue reading

Poseidon and Cleito by Andrew J. Peters

The author begins Poseidon and Cleito with a preface about what inspired him to write the story. This both had the feel of the narrator in ancient Greek plays and set up expectations the story didn’t quite meet. I mention … Continue reading