Siren Circle: A Boston Technowitch Novel by Erin M. Hartshorn

Siren Circle is a fitting successor to Ghost Garages in that it hits many of the same notes while providing a completely different story. I enjoy the blend of real life and magic, with consequences flowing in both directions, this … Continue reading

Totally Starcross’d by S.D. Wasley

This is a delightfully modern look at Romeo and Juliet. Romilly and Julian meet as strangers at a political debate. They discover much in common, including their political outlooks, but she doesn’t know he’s the son of the conservative candidate … Continue reading

A Beautiful Day for a Conspiracy by Klara Kim

This is a wonderful, action-oriented introduction to the organization nicknamed FateNet. Our guide is a new hire who has lost jobs and been threatened for her odd knack of knowing when something is off and the inability to stay quiet … Continue reading

His Secret Son by Brenda Jackson

To start out, the title is a misnomer as Bristol made no attempt to keep Laramie (called Coop) from his son, but rather was informed Coop had died. It’s not a new twist, but the author manages to make it … Continue reading

A Deep Dark Call by Rose Vane

This is a rather odd book that is less romance than Gothic, but despite the description hinting at it, this is not a horror novel. A Deep Dark Call is about the truth behind ancient beliefs and the cost of … Continue reading

Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

Moonlight Over Manhattan is a delightful read that is not without its dark and serious moments. Harriet is struggling with the consequences of mental abuse that have undermined her sense of self while Ethan believes himself incapable of real emotions … Continue reading

Grigory’s Gadget by E.A. Hennessy

Zoya, Lilia, Anya, Demyan, and Nikolai, five friends who are trying to get out of a situation where poverty and deprivation are commonplace, arrange to emigrate to another country to continue their studies. They’re given permission despite this being a … Continue reading

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden

This is a powerful tale of the changing times between old gods and new, focused on a young woman, Vasya, who can see the old ways but is trapped within the modern world of Medieval Russia. The book starts with … Continue reading

Plum Upside Down by Valerie Comer

I have read many of Valerie Comer’s books and keep coming back because of the strong characters, and the conflicts they face in both life and faith. It says a lot for her writing I got confused when I started … Continue reading

Tempted & Taken by Rhenna Morgan

I think it was Axel in the book who commented about the brotherhood going international, but he’s right. Darya brought in a new twist before the Men of Haven novels could fall too much into a pattern. Some elements were … Continue reading