An Innocent Secret Now Available in Trade Paperback

In all the excitement of finishing NaNo and leaping into the final stages of the year, I neglected to tell you, my website followers, that the trade paperback version of An Innocent Secret did manage to squeak in under the … Continue reading

An Innocent Secret (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book 3) Is Now Available in eBook

If you ever had siblings, no matter how much you love them, you might understand what led Georgiana Ferrier, a farmer’s daughter, to keep her friendship with Frederick Hathwell, heir to the Brookway Barony, a secret for eight long years. … Continue reading

Cover Reveal: An Innocent Secret

With Georgiana Ferrier preparing to make her debut as a main character and Frederick Hathwell, heir to the Brookway Barony, happy to step up to her side, I thought I would share with you the cover art for An Innocent … Continue reading

Read A Chance Meeting (an Uncommon Lords and Ladies Prequel) for Free with My Newsletter

Sorry for the late reminder, but the bonus story I provided with last month’s newsletter is a prequel to Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book Three, An Innocent Secret. Because I was too busy getting the newsletter out and doing my … Continue reading

Sneak Peek at the Next Uncommon Lords and Ladies Cover and a Treat to Come

The young woman gracing the top of this post is Georgiana Ferrier, Lady Barbara Whitfeld’s cousin and the youngest of the Ferrier daughters. You met her as a minor character in A Country Masquerade, and if you read my book … Continue reading

Gifts (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 3) Is Now Available in eBook

To those who have been patiently awaiting the next in The Steamship Chronicles, your wait is over. Gifts is available in eBook from the usual vendors while a print release is in the works. To any readers who wait to … Continue reading

Cover Reveal for Gifts (The Steamship Chronicles, Book Three)

Gifts, the third novel in The Steamship Chronicles, is coming soon as some of you may have noticed if you visited the My Publications section of my website. This book concludes the first trilogy within the series but is not, … Continue reading

Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2) Is Now Available in Trade Paperback

For those of you who prefer paper, Trainee is now available at the usual places or will be shortly. If you purchase the print book on Amazon, a copy of the eBook is available at a steep discount as a … Continue reading

Full Print Cover Reveal for Trainee

Though the print version of Trainee is still making its way through the necessary steps, I wanted to share the cover art because I had a lot of fun with it. You’ll find, if you have a print copy of … Continue reading

Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book Two) Is Now Available in eBook with Linked Excerpt

I’m thrilled to announce that the long awaited sequel to Shafter is now available. The eBook can be found in all the usual places while the print version is in the works. This sequel is only the start to the … Continue reading