Becoming Home Now Available in Trade Paperback

Amazon Barnes & Noble Other Stores For those in love with the smell of books and the feel of pages between your fingers, my sweet contemporary romance, Becoming Home, is now available in trade paperback at all the usual online … Continue reading

Becoming Home: Music, Life, and Love in This Sweet Contemporary Romance

Amazon iBooks Kobo B&N More   Welcome to Foster’s Way, a sleepy little town that opens its doors to refuges from the troubles of city life. Celia Baker comes to escape a career helping at-risk kids that is ruining her … Continue reading

Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book Four) Is Now in Trade Paperback

Amazon Barnes & Noble iBooks Other Stores Life and Law, the latest in my steampunk adventure series, is out in trade paperback at all the usual spots and can be ordered in your favorite bookstore as well. This novel begins … Continue reading

Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 4) Is Live in eBook

Amazon Kobo iBooks Smashwords Other Stores The first three books of The Steamship Chronicles (which form Volume 1) focus on Sam’s attempt to find a place where she can be accepted and Nat’s efforts to carve out a living as … Continue reading

A Magical Brew Appears in How Beer Saved the World 2

Not so long ago, an intrepid editor named Phyllis Irene Radford saw a documentary on how beer appears to be critical to the rise of human civilization. It inspired in her the desire to see what authors could do with … Continue reading

When the Shoe Won’t Fit Now Available on Amazon

Amazon My latest release, When the Shoe Won’t Fit, led a long and tangled life up to this point. It is now available for the first time in eBook form, most specifically in Kindle form so it is available to … Continue reading

The Captain’s Chair Is Live + Story Bundle Giveaway

The Captain’s Chair is now available (or will be shortly) from the various eBook vendors. This is a shorter standalone work set in the Seeds Among the Stars universe about an indie trader ship. The series fans will have to … Continue reading

Cover Reveal: The Captain’s Chair

If you follow my newsletter, you will know that I’m still putting the last words into the next novel in Seeds Among the Stars, but I didn’t want to leave my science fiction adventure fans hanging when I happened to … Continue reading

How Seeds Among the Stars Earned a Makeover: Cover Reveal

Shafter was my second novel released as an indie, and since it sprang into being as a very dense short story, Shafter has pushed me to do more with the idea, that is until I released the novel. Then my … Continue reading

The Steamship Chronicles Box Set 1 Is Now Available in eBook

Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo iBooks More Just in time for a last minute Christmas (or anytime) gift for the adventurous person in your life, whether young or young at heart, the first box set of The Steamship Chronicles is … Continue reading