Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book Four) Is Now in Trade Paperback

Amazon Barnes & Noble iBooks Other Stores Life and Law, the latest in my steampunk adventure series, is out in trade paperback at all the usual spots and can be ordered in your favorite bookstore as well. This novel begins … Continue reading

Con-Volution 2016: The Age of Monsters Report

When I first saw the theme of this year’s Con-Volution, I thought it wouldn’t have many connections to me. After all, I’m not much of a horror reader/watcher, mainly because I internalize what I experience. However, the more I learned, … Continue reading

Upcoming Appearances…Or Why I Need Clones

You’ve got until the end of the month to prepare for these, but there are some actions that need to be taken to ensure you don’t miss out. First off, I will be a panelist at Con-Volution 2016, a Bay … Continue reading

Life and Law (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 4) Is Live in eBook

Amazon Kobo iBooks Smashwords Other Stores The first three books of The Steamship Chronicles (which form Volume 1) focus on Sam’s attempt to find a place where she can be accepted and Nat’s efforts to carve out a living as … Continue reading

A Magical Brew Appears in How Beer Saved the World 2

Not so long ago, an intrepid editor named Phyllis Irene Radford saw a documentary on how beer appears to be critical to the rise of human civilization. It inspired in her the desire to see what authors could do with … Continue reading

Darlings to Keep: 2016 Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour

The below excerpt is from Life and Law (releasing soon) that not only didn’t get cut, but I’ve highlighted a portion to use for teasers about the novel. It is most definitely a darling and yet it gets to the … Continue reading

Things That Make Me Smile No.103: Art with Gears

More than a year ago, I posted about my childhood love of clam clocks in another smile. While my family has since found me a tannish clock, I’ve also acquired a collection of loose gears, some from yard sales but … Continue reading

Free or 25% off Smashwords July 2016 Coupons for TTO Publishing Titles

If you haven’t picked up The Captain’s Chair yet (or want a different format), for the month of July 2016 use the SFREE coupon at checkout to get a 100% discount on this short story. Click the image to go … Continue reading

When the Shoe Won’t Fit Now Available on Amazon

Amazon My latest release, When the Shoe Won’t Fit, led a long and tangled life up to this point. It is now available for the first time in eBook form, most specifically in Kindle form so it is available to … Continue reading

Baycon 2016 Con Report

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know Baycon is special to me, but even with a limited knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes, I can tell you this year required a Herculean effort both over the … Continue reading