Winners of the 2016 NaNoWriMo Story Bundle Giveaway and Questions Answered

Thank you everyone who participated in the 2016 NaNoWriMo Story Bundle Giveaway. We have our winners, and as part of the entries, I received two interesting questions to answer, which I have included below. The Winners Are Eleanor L. Julie … Continue reading

The 2016 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Nano Bundle Is Live

The day I’ve been hinting at finally arrived. The 2016 Sci-Fi/Fantasy NaNo Bundle went live as of 10pm Pacific yesterday, a bit later than I’d planned on, so I’m giving you the juicy details today instead. You can collect up … Continue reading

How Seeds Among the Stars Earned a Makeover: Cover Reveal

Shafter was my second novel released as an indie, and since it sprang into being as a very dense short story, Shafter has pushed me to do more with the idea, that is until I released the novel. Then my … Continue reading

Taking Pictures in the Park

This past weekend, my husband took me up to Galena Creek Park to shoot an updated author photo. He’s a wildlife and nature photographer by preference, but he likes doing my author photos. We did a short hike to where … Continue reading

Interview and Giveaway for The Steamship Chronicles at Tome Tender

Dii at Tome Tender has graciously offered to host another giveaway for me, this time in celebration of completing the first volume in The Steamship Chronicles, a steampunk adventure series she has enjoyed. She asked me a few new questions … Continue reading

BayCon 2015 Report

BayCon this year was an extravaganza geared to make it absolutely clear women are welcome and respected in the science fiction and fantasy fandom. SallyRose Robinson and Kathleen McDowell, the co-chairs, did an excellent job securing the first all-female special … Continue reading

Panelist at BayCon 2015

I have been a panelist at BayCon for a good number of years and look forward to seeing what I’m assigned to each year. Well, my BayCon 2015 schedule has arrived and there are some interesting selections for sure. 1. … Continue reading

5+1 Interesting Links for 02-27-2015

Interview Heidi Kneale asked some tough but fascinating questions about society both now and in the Regency Era in her interview of me on Romance Spinners. Oxford Comma (Grammar) A fun look at the controversy surrounding the Oxford comma. Note: … Continue reading

Convolution 2014 Con Report

This was my first year attending Convolution, but I’m hoping to continue this tradition as I had a wonderful, exhausting, illuminating, and energizing time. Yes, I know some of those appear contradictory, but trust me, they’re not. I thought the … Continue reading

Panelist at Convolution 2014 Sept 26-28

I mentioned earlier this summer that I’d been invited to be a panelist on a new-to-me Bay Area convention called Convolution. This is their third year, and if the plans for the previous ones resembled this programming schedule, I’m sorry … Continue reading