5 Interesting Links for 08-04-2017

Creativity (Charity)

A non-profit organization makes the cos-play dreams of children in wheelchairs come true. Click the link to the organization in the article to see more of their creative endeavors.

GIMP Technique (Graphic Art)

I generally use the clone tool at various levels of opacity to fix minor blemishes, but this technique offers more granular control with better retention of original shades so I plan to give it a try. The plugin described is for 2.4-2.6, though, and I haven’t tested it in 2.8. Continue reading

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Contract of Defiance by Tammy Salyer

Contract of Defiance by Tammy SalyerI’m all for the fun action movie, especially when it’s science fiction, but I generally look for more when I read. This book had me worried because it starts in the middle of the action and at a mad run, but I should have had more faith. Yes, there’s action a plenty, but there’s also strong characters and people discovering who they really are.

The story focuses around Aly, who is an arms smuggler not out of ambition but rather from a lack of choices. Her history and her brother drove her down this path, but she’s not what most people would expect of ex-Corp military personnel. She’s faced with having to accept the corruption of her path or move beyond it, and each time something goes too far, she makes an active choice. Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No.127: Steampunk

An interesting look at steampunk that links well with what drew me into the space.

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5 Interesting Links for 07-29-2017

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Gender (Society)

This is an excellent article to look at the many factors involved in gender-typing clothing and what we can do about it, all prompted by one impulsive act of gender neutrality.

Air Conditioning (DIY)

This is a wonderful use of basic thermodynamics to produce air conditioning out of recycled trash. It’s being used in India, but I know places in the US that are without AC as well that could benefit. Continue reading

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Promise of Peppermint: An Urban Farm Fresh Romance Prequel by Valerie Comer

Promise of Peppermint: An Urban Farm Fresh Romance Prequel by Valerie ComerThis is a sweet inspirational romance story about waiting for the right person to be ready and finding the courage to trust in another’s goodness. I appreciated the role bullying, or more to the point, anti-bullying efforts played, though the topic was simplified so it wouldn’t take over the story. The underlying messages about not making assumptions and being open to the good parts as much as you are wary of the risks both speak to me. That and not letting past darkness cover your future.

Rebekah is so determined to protect herself that she has forgotten she’s not alone in this journey. She works as a school counselor, hoping to protect other young people from what she experienced. Though she gives lip service to the recognition of how she’d stepped away from God and the support of her neighbors in the beginning, it takes a bit of struggle before she actually listens to the service she’s so good about going to and opens herself to new chances instead of assuming everyone, God included, would reject her as tainted. Continue reading

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