5 Interesting Links for 04-21-2017

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Typos (History)

Typos happen, and they slip through the most diligent of watch guards. Here are some major ones with various results.

Society (Spiders)

First, it was wolves, then apes, and now spiders prove cooperative societies are a viable way to survive: Continue reading

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My BayCon 2017 Panel Schedule Is in and I Can’t Wait

For those of you who are local to Reno, Nevada, don’t forget to drop by the Earth Day celebration at Idlewild Park this Sunday (http://www.renoearthday.org/). I’ll be there at booth #1020 in the California Building with the science fair so there should be much to explore.

If you’re not able to stop by on Sunday, I hope you’ll be coming to BayCon in San Mateo, California, on May 26-29, 2017. It’s shaping up to be a wonderful convention, and I plan to do my part. This year, it appears one of my main goals will be to be moderate (just kidding). Or rather, I am moderating four panels and a panelist on two more with a mix of storytelling, writing technique, and the exploration of social and cultural topics related to this year’s theme of Dystopia/Utopia.

My schedule, barring changes, is as follows:

The Seduction of Utopia.
Friday 13:30 – 15:00, Convene 1 (San Mateo Marriott)

What would you be willing to give up for utopia? Why is it so many portrayals are rigid and limiting? Why do they take the concept of other and use it to strip away difference and demonize it?

I’ll be moderating this one along with Ty Franck, Daniel Abraham, Bradford Lyau, Daniel Dociu, and Christine Doyle MD.

The Art of Storytelling
Friday 20:00 – 21:30, Synergy 5 (San Mateo Marriott)

Panelists get elements for a story from the audience and craft quick tales, passing it along among themselves until they present the audience with their brand new tale. Continue reading

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Wild & Sweet by Rhenna Morgan

Wild & Sweet by Rhenna MorganI don’t usually read novels by the same author so close together because I start to see the style patterns more than the stories, but I enjoyed Rough & Tumble so much I wanted more time in that world. First, a correction: Just because Jace, the male lead in Rough & Tumble, rode a motorcycle, as do others in the Haven Brotherhood, this is not a biker gang as I supposed. It has a lot of the same markers, but is its own creation, or rather that of Jace and Axel. The common link between the brothers is more complicated than simply a love of motorcycles, and involves seeing to the heart of a potential brother to learn whether they are a product of their rough circumstances or capable of growing beyond that beginning if given the necessary support.

You might not have needed the above, but it cuts to the core of why these novels appeal to me so much. It’s about rising above harsh experiences, but the stories are specifically focused on success because of support and emotional nourishment rather than the lone hero. While the “lone wolf” concept has its appeal, I’m definitely more of a pack creature…as are wolves, oddly enough. There’s that and the almost Arthurian tale feel of might doesn’t mean right.

Anyway, Wild & Sweet is another great story with people who feel real, are facing serious challenges, and have a gut-level understanding of what it means to be a family. Like Jace and Viv, Zeke and Gabrielle have not had easy lives. Their pasts trained them to keep apart and avoid risks, and they’ve had little reason to fight that inclination. Continue reading

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Celebrate World Book Day Abroad and in Reno, NV, on Sunday, April 23rd

I just recently learned that this Sunday, April 23rd, is World Book Day. If you follow my site–and if you’re new, just poke around for a second to see–you’ll know as a reader and writer, books are very important to me. I love encouraging reading of all kinds, whether fiction or non-fiction, current events or those long ago, and any other type of reading that catches your fancy. Through reading, we expand our minds, experience things we might not be able to in daily life for whatever reason, and learn about people and places that we otherwise wouldn’t know. These are all elements that have the potential to make us more compassionate, flexible, and knowledgeable people.

Drop a note in the comments if you have a question about my books or want to share your own thoughts about reading.

For those of you in the Reno, Nevada, area, you can celebrate both World Book Day and Earth Day at the Reno Earth Day event from 11 am to 6 pm in Idlewild Park on Sunday. Admission is free for visitors of all ages, and there will be food, entertainment, activities, and booths with all sorts of interesting things to explore.

I will be there at the combined TTO Publishing/Pynhavyn Books, Baubles & Bonnets booth (1020 in the California Building down by the science fair) to answer questions, sign books, and introduce new readers to my various publications. Joining me are additional local authors, including Renee Averett, as well as Colin Fisk, my husband and a talented wildlife photographer.

We’ll have books available for purchase (and signing) in a wide variety of genres (children’s, young adult, and adult), including science fiction, steampunk, urban fantasy, mystery/suspense, cooking, and historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance. There will also be prints (of birds, insects, plants, and more) as well as necklaces and bracelets to purchase.

There’s much to entertain, admire, and amaze, so I hope you will drop by if you’re in the area. Bring your friends and family with you.


Reno Earth Day Celebration
Idlewild Park
Reno, NV

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/wAvZZ
Twitter: @RenoEarthDay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1744287812519310/
Reno Earth Day 2017

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5 Interesting Links for 04-14-2017

Abilities (Animals)

A look at how animals seem to be aware of things we are not. ESP or just extra senses, the way they go to people who are upset or sick, responding to earthquakes, etc. begs the question:

Pakistan (Art)

Artist Omar Gilani re-envisions Pakistan in a science fiction and fantasy context with beautiful paintings. Continue reading

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