My Livescribe Pulse Pen

Several people have been asking me about my pulse pen and what I thought about it. Only thing is that I hadn’t had the chance to take it out on a road trip yet. Well, now I have and here are the results. This is what the pen captured. You can see my lousy handwriting in its full glory…and I was even sort of trying to write well, okay, trying when I remembered :p. Then I ran it through the OCR software. It certainly isn’t perfect, but the reason for the picture is so you can see what it had to work with. My older son wrote a sentence to test it in his cursive and it translated perfectly. Maybe I should improve my handwriting? Oh, and the pen also recorded the audio for the whole presentation in a usable sound file despite sitting in the left-hand, second to last row of a curved lecture hall.

Anyway, on to the show!

This is an image of my horrible handwriting

Livescribe pen in action
(Click twice for the full-sized image)

And the RAW, unedited transcription:

o choose high school block college reg after spring break
keep folder for all key information
Plan to come fve days a week
call parents and teachers by frist rare
No calling or contacting the college teachers but
the HS can transfer the info for parents
students must be their own advocate
If you drop or she I a college course you must
repay the district Manage your schedule well
o Parents and students get t-shirts to increase school
o Parent volunteers are mostly with events
o [D LINE I infinite campus will still be available
Portfolio Day sh public presentation with npnet from the
contacts are piss iha and resolution oriental
5135 yearbook
Responsible for lab and materials fees as 5020 scholarship
opportunities for book etc fees
B look out homevwk time as well as classes
No online courses allowed because of the disconnect in common q
but can f you prove yourself the semester ‘on
Teachers available 9-5 minus their classes
Wo delayed starts A HS but must check college website
for weather closures bet mired walk wl email
If W CSD closes everything The cc HS closes I 1 IT meadows
College classes count twice Registration goes to all Nvcolleges
Saturday Sept 11 is a college conference Re Access class
PS At saturday October 16th next year at T m c c
Buy books online from school or A macon
1 career’ cy 2 Academic plan 3 rev cw college courses

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4 Responses to My Livescribe Pulse Pen

  1. jjmcgaffey says:

    Not bad! I can read it better than the OCR, but it’s certainly a lot better than trying to type all that…

    • MarFisk says:

      Yep. And what I didn’t show you is that in the OCR app, it shows you the page and then the result side by side, so you can quickly fix where it didn’t manage. It isn’t doing so well with symbols like the $ in my notes, and I’m having some trouble with when I have a mixed text+images, but some of that might be my learning process too.

  2. Michele says:

    I’m almost ready to consider getting one. lol

    • MarFisk says:

      Addicting as an idea, isn’t it. I wish I’d brought mine to a meeting I just went to. I was taking the minutes and I know I missed things. Having the audio backup would have been handy.

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