Interesting Links for 4-1-2011

Online Reads

Another fun story from Daily Science Fiction. L is for Luminous by Tim Pratt, Jenn Reese, Heather Shaw, and Greg van Eekhout is part of a series of alphabet stories. It’s short, funny, and poignant at the same time.


A look at the current big events in the traditional vs. self-publishing debate that offers a decent analysis of the variety of things happening:


The process of making and modernizing linen from planting through finding new uses and combinations to appeal to modern buyers (note: in French with subtitles):


It’s hard to know what you can’t do if you’ve never been able to, an aspect that made tying the ability to sense pain to the sense of smell a new discovery:,_smelt_it_not

A glimpse into the Solar System’s past through Vesta, a body that could have been a planet if it had just found a viable dance partner:


Solid advice on what show vs. tell really means and when to tell vs. show for the greatest affect:

Some good revision tips to address a variety of issues:

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