Interesting Links for 2-26-2010

Tip for bloggers and those passing on articles: I find a lot of my links through referrals on my listservs, other blogs, and Twitter. This past week I’ve been going through some links I set aside to review later because I didn’t have time and discovered a lot of them were worthless. The link I’d been given was to the front page of a blog or magazine. If I don’t always have time to read the article immediately, I rarely have time to read the whole history in order to figure out what article sparked my interest. Just because the item you wanted to share was on the front page when you found it, doesn’t mean it’ll still be there. Specific links to articles mean people can find them again later, and so are more likely to come back and/or to share. It’s easy enough to click to the front page when reading an article. It’s impossible to click to a specific article from the front page unless you already know where you’re going.

What I Am Reading

I just finished Windup Girl for the io9 book club discussion and adored the book. I haven’t written up a review yet, but I’m planning to.

On the short fiction side, I enjoyed the following stories:

The Wishing Stone by Edward Greaves on Abyss & Apex. A powerful story about discovering what’s important –

And a delightfully surreal (no surprise there) story from Strange Horizons: Baby in the Basket by Cecil Castellucci –


While this could go under science, I think it has more potential as a story element where eye witness accounts are wrong:

A clever look at the possible emotional responses to a plot obstacle:

Advice on how to make a novel better…from a reader:

In my outlining course, I teach that there are unlimited ways to construct an outline. You just need to find the one that works for you. I had no idea how true this statement was until I met the StorySaurus:


As a follow up to my review of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, here’s an article on how figure skating demonstrates classic physics:

I’ve been doing a lot of non-verbal research because of a class I taught, but this is an aspect I haven’t covered. Now to think up an exercise and add it to the book :).

7 tips from an author looking back on the road:

Surviving the revision after a revision letter:


Industry trends for fiction:


Sure, this is crucial for authors using blogs to promote their books, but it’s also solid advice for every type of blogger out there.

Wow, never expected what is essentially a safety infomercial to bring tears to my eyes. Always wear a seatbelt, illustrated:

Now I feel better about the 1.5 hours I just spent curled up in the sun like a cat. Here I thought it was because I worked too late the night before:

What questions to ask before taking the leap into being a fulltime writer:


Tips on dos and don’ts when giving a presentation:


Okay, this is for after you have an agent, but this is where I put my agent links. How to communicate with your agent:

A beautifully simple approach to a query letter. I wish I’d found this sooner:

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  1. Alex Fayle says:

    That query letter outline rocks. I’ve bookmarked it and I will always use it from now on.

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