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The Fourth NaNo 2017 Progress Report: Endings

It’s been an interesting month for sure. Like many creatives, this year was not a very productive one, and I started November without much hope, having written a fraction of what I normally do each year. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Where Do Stories Come From? Guest Post by Paul Toolan

I’ve spoken about creativity and inspiration a time or two on Tales to Tide You Over, and Paul Toolan offers a narrative description of his process that I found quite compelling. I hope you do as well. Note: He uses … Continue reading

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A Glimpse into a Writer’s Mind When World Building Plus a Multi-Author Giveaway

The first novel I wrote started as an anthropology assignment to create a society where gender is defined differently. My mind took that prompt and a mostly forgotten nature show on bizarre insects to create a people who were born … Continue reading

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Creativity Challenge: The Starting Point, Part 2

If you missed the beginning of this creativity challenge, take a moment right now to pop over there and do the first part. It’s a simple guess, and the answer is coming next, so you might as well try your … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile No.116: Steampunk in Action

While the logical follow up to my essay last week would be a work of steampunk art I had created, I have only the one mechanical dog that I’ve shown you before (the artwork for my article is a celebration … Continue reading

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