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5 Interesting Links for 07-21-2017

Appropriation (Society) I’ve been in the position of trying to explain cultural appropriation before, and it’s easy for me to get muddled, especially when the other person isn’t really listening. So, I give you a clear, articulate explanation not just … Continue reading

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My Theme for 2017

Okay, we are one month into the new year, things are a wee bit unsettled in general thanks to all the big changes both in the United States and abroad, but into all of this, we have to keep our … Continue reading

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Reader Survey Part Two: Genres and Projects

I’ve been writing for a lot longer than I have been publishing, whether in traditional anthologies or my indie novels. This means I have a backlog of novels I believe in that I haven’t put in the editing or publication … Continue reading

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Sale Alert and Give Your Opinion

First of all, though the multi-author event this past weekend has completed, Shafter will be on sale for 99 cents through the full of January as part of the buildup toward the release of book three, Apprentice. I hope you’ll … Continue reading

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Mid-Year Check-In: 2016 Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour

Remember way back when in January as I talked about the need for mutable goals? Well, this year has been a classic example. The year is whizzing by at great speed while “life happens” has become my mantra…whether I wanted … Continue reading

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