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5 Interesting Links for 07-14-2017

Production (Coins) This is a fun look at the minting of Canadian coins, with an interesting tidbit of countries outsourcing their coin production, something I’d never heard of. STEM (Education) A chemistry professor speaks to how a pure focus … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 05-12-2017

Origins (Fashion) National Geographic points to some of the traditional patterns that are reflected in modern fashion across many cultures. Privilege (Feminism) This article cuts to the heart of feminism’s bias to expose its often unrecognized, and therefore unaddressed, … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 04-07-2017

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared. Agriculture (Archaeology) The successful growth of a tree from seeds preserved prior to the Roman invasion of Judea is the beginning of restoring a palm that was once a staple … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 03-10-2017

Social Studies (Education) I was unaware social studies was among the classes targeted for budget cuts until reading this article. Certainly that wasn’t true for my sons, both of whom found the history and social studies courses among their favorites. … Continue reading

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5 Interesting Links for 09-30-2016

Local Food (Agriculture) A farmer’s look at the local food movement and where the pitfalls are that need more attention. Driftwood (Art) Jeffro Uitto is a talented artist who sculpts furniture and statues from driftwood he collects. (Via @sobre … Continue reading

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