A Different Creativity Tool

A Cover ConceptSo I now have an Android phone. I wanted it to replace my Palm, which can no longer sync with my new computer. My focus was on email, contacts, notes, and task lists (something I still having achieved because I use a local Outlook install.

What I have discovered is Zuma Blitz, various solitaires, and (of course) Angry Birds. The Palm had been a source of productivity for me as much as a distraction, and seeing as I’ve done novel notes, wrote book reviews, and even outlining using the quick office app, I can’t say my phone has not served that purpose well. I’ve yet to do a creative work, but I see that time coming soon enough.

However, I’ve discovered that “creative work” might be taking a different direction than I’d expected.

A little backstory:
My Youngest Driving by Himself

I’ve been a decent sketch artist in my life. I have some that I’m quite happy with, and a lot that just aren’t up to snuff. I’ve done well in the art classes I’ve taken, both high school and college, so I’m not just tooting my own horn, but I’m rusty, SERIOUSLY rusty.

The thought of sketching again has been poking me though. It’s not an area of my life that gets prominence, but it’s one that wants attention.

Then the whole iPad phenomenon came out and I didn’t get it. It’s an inadequate eReader because it doesn’t use eInk, it lacks a real keyboard, and you have to hold it up or buy accessories. Yes, I know a bunch of people adore theirs, and that’s fine, but my requirements are different, and so I couldn’t see the value until an artist friend started posting pictures drawn on the iPad and I realized it’s what I always wanted my Wacom to be. It’s a drawing surface that stores your drawing as an editable graphic image.

So all of a sudden I wanted one…but not at that price.
Lily Staring Out the Window
Then comes news of the Android tablet that might have a lower price point. Okay, but what’s out there for Android?

That’s when I discovered SketchBook Mobile X. I’ve only got the free version now, but I’ll probably upgrade. It’s so much better for my blood pressure than Angry Birds where I can see what to do but can’t get my finger to do it. The great part is the ability to zoom in on a section to provide touches despite the small screen.

And because I’m feeling giddy, the images in this post are my first efforts. Remember the rusty and just consider that I drew these on my PHONE!

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8 Responses to A Different Creativity Tool

  1. Jean says:

    I like the sketches. I don’t quite get the first one (to me, it looks like a sword superimposed over a car with a flame or a tongue — love the tail lights — I think I’m way off, but art can be in the eye of the beholder), but I like the last two.

    As for the tablet, are you talking about the Xoom? That looks like a great platform.

    Angry Birds. I downloaded a free version, tried it a few times, and deleted it. I just don’t get it. Of course, I’ve never been all that fond of catapult games. Plants vs Zombies is/was ok. I think I made it through all the levels, so I’m not that interested in it anymore. But Train Conductor 2? The Grand Canyon fascinates me.

    • MarFisk says:

      Darn, replied in the wrong place and forgot something…

      I don’t know the Xoom. We were looking at the Dell which is both a mini and a tablet in one, but not seriously. I have a mini already and it cost a fraction of what both the iPad and the Dell go for.

  2. MarFisk says:

    You were actually closer than you thought. That’s a mockup for a cover I’m playing with. The car is an anvil and the taillights are lit coals in a forge. It’s a concept, so I just wanted to play with placement. Everything else is in my head :).

    And Angry Birds is a puzzle game. You have to figure out strike points and angles to achieve the goal. The concept is grand. But when I figure it out but can’t successfully reproduce all 5-6 steps at the same time, it gets too frustrating. My fingers and stylus might be able to draw on my phone, but not to throw birds. Really, Farm Bubbles and Zuma are more my style :D.

  3. Maripat says:

    Blackberry is also putting out one. I read about it yesterday. The Xoom looks awesome.

    • MarFisk says:

      I hadn’t heard of the Xoom, but it’s cool that there’ll be some competition.

      • Jean says:

        Motorola makes the Xoom. I know you can see and play with it in any Verizon store. That honeycomb feature they talk about? Apparently each honeycomb is a window of an app — true multi-tasking. (I don’t consider whatever it is that the iPad does as multi-tasking since you can only display one app on the screen at a time).

        If I were an Android aficionado (as in, I had a Droid or something like that for a phone), I’d pair it with a Xoom tablet. That’s the only thing I’ve seen so far that I think will legitimately give the iPad a run for it’s money. The teardown sequence on ifixit.com was gorgeous. The cameras in the Xoom look wonderful.

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