5 Interesting Links for 5-18-2012


Kristine Kathryn Rusch talks about the impact of big events on writers (herself in specific) and freelancers in general, using what she’s going through as a life lesson for anyone in similar circumstances.


In both my corporate history and my freelancing, I have run into each of these security risks myself, as well as a couple more, that slip below the radar because they are not covered in the professional information on security management. It’s worth a read even as a computer user to make sure that you aren’t perpetuating any of these risks either at home or in the office. If a hacker or virus gets in, everyone suffers.


Lynn Viehl offers some insight into, and suggestions for, branding as an author.


C.E. Murphy takes a look at eBook pricing and the risks in how the market is handling them.


A look at terms of service across various cloud drive offers.

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