5 Interesting Links for 05-26-2017

Human factors (Disease)

An assessment of the prevalence of Lyme disease shows how humans affect the areas where they live is a critical factor.

Prosthetics (Technology)

A newly designed skin for prosthetic arms has both more sensitivity and is capable of charging itself with sunlight with the potential of simulating touch response.

Art (Coffee)

Latte art is fascinating, and while this article explains the mechanics of it, that there is a level of skill is without question.

Intelligence (Animals)

A more positive outlook on human relationships with animals than I have, but the points are much the same as Frans de Waal looks at the limits of human inquiry into animal intelligence. The YouTube video referenced at the bottom shows a crow demonstrating the understanding of fluid dynamics.

Short stories (Writing)

Some thoughts from a PodCastle slush reader about what to look at in your story before you send it out.

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