5 Interesting Links for 02-17-2017

Scientists (Interesting People)

Maria Sibylla Merian was a female scientist before the Victorian Era who, through keen observation, recorded details about plants, animals, and insects that refuted the commonly accepted beliefs of the time. She was celebrated…until the Victorian Era when women were redefined as ignorant and not capable of complex thought. Her efforts are only now being rediscovered.

Homelessness (Life)

An educated homeless man describes both what led him to this state and how it works in a stark truth telling that’s worth the time to read.

Society (Technology)

The history of the creation and adoption of bar codes with the focus on how it changed the global economy.

Stress (Writing)

Some approaches to help deal with uncertainty and stress. Though this is directed at writers, the techniques are more broadly applicable.

Conservation (Zoology)

Scientists now have no other choice beyond capture and breeding of a small porpoise species that is facing extinction due to illegal fishing practices. The details of their plan are fascinating while the need has turned desperate.

Life and Law Sharable

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