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Whether you come as a reader, writer, some combination, or for another reason altogether, I hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to check back often. Feel free to drop me a note about something you enjoyed or would like to see here through the Contact Me page.

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Gifts (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 3)
Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2)
A Country Masquerade - Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book One - Click for more information.
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Gifts (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 3) Is Now Available in eBook

To those who have been patiently awaiting the next in The Steamship Chronicles, your wait is over. Gifts is available in eBook from the usual vendors while a print release is in the works. To any readers who wait to pick up a series until it's complete, I have good and bad news: Gifts is the fina...
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Primal Heat by A.C. Arthur

Let me first say up front that this book contains both explicit and detailed erotic scenes that skirt the edge of fetishes. I say this because the description did not prepare me, mainly because the genre is listed simply as romance while the level of sexual content is closer to erotica in my opinion...
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Using Jutoh to Automate Vendor-Specific Other Works Pages

I did a presentation at BayCon 2015 that gave participants a quick overview of some of the tools available to authors and indie publishers. I've been meaning to set up an Indie Toolbox section on my blog ever since, but recently two people on one of my lists asked me how I use my formatting program ...
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