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Whether you come as a reader, writer, some combination, or for another reason altogether, I hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to check back often. Feel free to drop me a note about something you enjoyed or would like to see here through the Contact Me page.

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Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2)
Safe Haven - A Steampunk Romance (The Steamship Chronicles, Prequel)
A Country Masquerade - Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book One - Click for more information.
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BayCon 2015 Report

BayCon this year was an extravaganza geared to make it absolutely clear women are welcome and respected in the science fiction and fantasy fandom. SallyRose Robinson and Kathleen McDowell, the co-chairs, did an excellent job securing the first all-female special guest array from writer to artist to ...
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Heat of the Moment by Lori Handeland

Sometimes when I read two books in the same series within a short time, I start to see the writing patterns and the series becomes repetitive. That's not the case with Lori Handeland, and I'm looking forward to reading the third. Though clearly building to a bigger climax for the series, Heat of the...
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Things That Make Me Smile No.77: Don’t Give Up

Not quite what I normally post for smiles, but this video is an inspiration and a reminder not to listen to "you won't be able to." If you don't, you never know what you can accomplish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9FSZJu448
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