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Whether you come as a reader, writer, some combination, or for another reason altogether, I hope you enjoy your visit and encourage you to check back often. Feel free to drop me a note about something you enjoyed or would like to see here through the Contact Me page.

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An Innocent Secret (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book 3) - Click for more information.
Trainee (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2)
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When the Shoe Won’t Fit Now Available on Amazon

Amazon My latest release, When the Shoe Won't Fit, led a long and tangled life up to this point. It is now available for the first time in eBook form, most specifically in Kindle form so it is available to Kindle Unlimited readers for free. I wasn't much for talking about my writing on ...
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Preparation is Everything – From Idea to Writing: 2016 Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour

When I first started writing, it was all "seat of my pants." No notes, no plotting, nothing but me, a pen or pencil, and the blank page. At some point, and I honestly don't remember when, that changed into a search for "the" method. I already knew writers worked differently. Where two writers ...
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5 Interesting Links for 06-24-2016

Technology (Fossils) Clearly it's time to get a 3D printer. Duke University is providing 3D images of its fossil collection so people can explore the collection without damaging rare fossils. (Via Facebook) http://wncn.com/2016/06/07/duke-profs-website-allows-unique-access-to-fossils-ancient-spe...
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